Laurel Wreath

In a combined effort including seniors from New Courtland Elder Services and youth from Blair Christian Academy, The Laurel Wreath was created through the telling of exaggerated stories and humorous "tall tales" that may or may not be true. As we shared our stories, we enumerated titles of visual images that could be easily researched by means of an Internet search engine. The digital images that we retrieved helped us visualize our own stories, and from there we created a series of drawings and paintings. We went from drawings to paintings, adding color, collecting, overlapping, assembling, arranging and rearranging to create a singular, mutually reinforcing artwork.

7' x 7' print on specially prepared Japanese Hosho paper using pigmented archival inks and adhered to stretched canvas.

New Courtland Artist Fellowship with The Center For Emerging Visual Artists. Art is Ageless exhibition in April 2009.

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