Last Spring I worked on a project at Solis-Cohen Elementary School in Northeast Philadelphia as part of the ARTS BRIDGES program made possible by The Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership and The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the United States Department of Education Office of Innovation and Improvement.


In order to begin our project with an understanding of some of the general principals involved in designing signage, our project was initiated by comparing and contrasting reproductions of signs that appear in different areas of the world. Researching and brainstorming many different similes and metaphors observable in existing signs helped us visualize figurative language. Subsequently, each artist has designed a sign based on a chosen metaphor or simile. Each final drawing contains a central emphasis or focal point. We've then combined and layered all of our individual drawings to create a large artwork that contains multiple focal points. Within the large field of imagery, each focal point may function as a turning point for the imagination.

Ben Volta with 6th grade students at Solis-Cohen Elementary School

Anne Foti, Joanne Zastowney, Javita Little and Carole Kessler

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