Social Practice Lab

+ I am am very excited about this opportunity to work with an amazing group of artists and creative professionals!

Photo courtesy of Tian Cai and Daeun Song, University of the Arts Masters of Industrial Program

What is the Social Practice Lab? Asian Arts Initiative's Social Practice Lab commissions and supports the work of creative individuals and organizations in our neighborhoods of Chinatown and Chinatown North in Philadelphia. The goal of our Social Practice Lab is to combine artistic excellence and innovation with building relationships, encouraging neighborhood development and effecting positive change within the community. We invited artists, urban planners, community organizers, designers, and creative thinkers from all sectors--locally, regionally, and nationally--to propose public art projects and initiatives that engage with and enliven our community. The selected projects will be a part of a network of ongoing, year-round projects, supported by an advisory board of experienced social practitioners and local community activitists, and by the infrastructure of Asian Arts Initiative.

National Advisory Committee: Aimee Chang, Blanton Museum (TX) Edgar Arceneaux, Watts House Project (CA) Andrea Bowers (CA) Rick Lowe, Project Row Houses (TX) Pepon Osorio (PA) Meredith Warner (PA) Rise Wilson, The Laundromat Project (NY) Sue Bell Yank, Hammer Museum (CA)

2012-2013 Artists: Anula Shetty and Michael Kuetemeyer Ben Volta Colette Fu Jong Kyu (Dave) Kim Laura Deutch, Lee Tusman, Kathryn Sclavi, and Katya Gorker Steven Parker Yowei Shaw

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