DCCA Windows: Shape Invaders from Bancroft Contemporary Connections, 2012

Marvels w/ Bancroft Elementary School, Wilmington DE
Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DCCA), Contemporary Connections
We began our project looking through classic comic books and searching for superpowers. Students imagined what their unique super power would be and described this power with one word. Students wrote this word in large block letters on the cover of an accordion fold sketchbook that they constructed using large sheets of paper and glue. They returned to the classic comic books and searched for super powers, scenes and characters that best expressed their chosen word. They cut up the comics and collaged different pieces together to tell a story using pictures. Many of the students also wrote stories in their sketchbooks in response to their collage cutouts.

The Marvels panels were inspired by an idea stumbled upon by a student named Stephan when he combined his name with his descriptive word HERO. He created a new superhero name - STEPHERO! We also drew inspiration from the large red chalkboard wall included in the imPERFECT CITY exhibit on view at the Delaware Center For the Contemporary Arts. The wall had an open invitation for visitors to draw whatever they wished with chalk and had a large block letter statement: UTOPIA ABOVE THE LAW.

Drawing from this community centered exhibit the students transfered their superhero name onto panels using large block letters. The panels were painted with blue and red chalk board paint. On May 9th the students brought their panels to the DCCA and leaned them up against the large red wall. Using chalk they drew their superpower on their panel and all over the exhibit wall.

Vinyl cut stencils and chalkboard paint
Superheros +/= Artists +/= Super Powers